Drafting Wills

A will is your legacy of love and is probably the most important document you will sign. A will, commonly referred to as your ‘Last Will and Testament’ is used to state your final wishes, giving clear instructions what should happen to your assets after your death.

What a will does:

  • Nominates an executor
  • Nominates your beneficiaries/heirs
  • Nominates guardians for minor children
  • Nominates trustees for a testamentary trust for minor children

It is important that you do not put unrealistic conditions in your will i.e. ‘rule from the grave’

What we will do for you:

  • Arrange a confidential consultation to obtain your instructions to draft your will
  • A draft copy will be emailed to you for your approval
  • Once you are satisfied with the content a meeting is scheduled to have your will signed in the presence of two witnesses
  • Accept the nomination of Executor and or trustee should this be your wish
  • The will is finalized within five working days
  • A signed copy of the will is held by Your Legacy for safe keeping
  • A signed copy of the will is handed to you along guide to assist your loved ones on the requirements in the event of your death
  • Draft a Living Will for you: A living will is your request to your family and doctors on what kind of treatment or intervention you would like if you have a terminal illness or in a vegetative state on what care and treatment you would like

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